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Rad Resilient City
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Rad Resilient City Preparedness Checklist
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Katherine Aaby, Nurse Administrator, Public Health

Thomas Agee

Claudia Albano, Neighborhood Services Manager, City of Oakland

Bruce Altevogt, Senior Program Officer, Institute of Medicine

Eli Avila, Secretary of Health, Department of Health

Diane Berry, Senior Professional Staff Member, House of Representatives

Glenn Blanchette, Regional Emergency Coordinator, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Daniel Blumenthal, Consequence Management Program Manager, DOE

Nidhi Bouri, Analyst, Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

Meghan Butasek, Director of Public Health Preparedness and Response, Baltimore City Health Department

R. Aubrey Cheatham, Project Manager, CRA, Inc.

Ray Ciarcia, Senate Homeland Security Committee

Anita Cicero, Deputy Director & COO, Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

Janet Clements, Program Manager, All Hazards Consortium

Ken Cliffer, Acting Rad-Nuc Sciences Branch Chief, HHS/ASPR/OPP/MCSR

Norman Coleman, Senior Medical Advisor, ASPR

William Curtis, Physician, Medical Doctors Call

Sara DeCair, Health Physicist, U.S. EPA

Molly D'Esopo, Communications Specialist, Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

Cosmo DiMaggio III, Managing Partner, The Tauri Group

Joseph Donovan, Senior Vice President, Beacon Capital Partners

Jessica Drum, Senior Analyst, Gryphon Scientific

John Dudte, Medical Planner, DC Dept of Health, HEPRA

Dennis Dugan, Program Manager, CTOS- Center for Rad/Nuc Training

Tamir Dvoric

Sterling Elliott, ASTHO, Public Health Preparedness

Joanna Engstrom-Brown, Events Coordinator, Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

Gerald Epstein, AAAS, Director, Ctr for Sci., Tech. & Security Pol.

Frieda Fisher-Tyler, Radiation Control Program Director, Delaware Division of Public Health

Joe Fitzgerald, Principal, Saliant

Crystal Franco, Associate, Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

Sachi Gerbin, Mirzayan Science and Technology Policy Fellow, NAE

Scott Graham, Northeast Area Director, Disaster Services, American Red Cross

Labon Holland, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Virginia Dept of Health

Tom Hu, Project Officer, HHS/ASPR/BARDA

Dave Hunt, Director, CRA, Inc.

Adam Hutter, Laboratory Director, U.S. Dept of Homeland Security

Thomas V. Inglesby, Director & CEO, Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

Korey Jackson, Program Manager, L-3 Communications

Jr. Jenkins, Director, Homeland Security & Justice Issues, U.S. Government Accountability Office

Lynn Jennings, Executive Director, Big City Emergency Managers, Inc.

Jerrilyn Jones

Peter Jutro, Deputy Director, NHSRC, U.S. EPA

Brian Kamoie, Senior Director for Preparedness Policy, the White House National Security Staff

Peggy Keller, PHEP Coordinator, DC DOH

John Koerner, CBRNE Branch Chief, HHS/ASPR

Richard Krieg, President & CEO, The Horizon Foundation

Randy Larsen, National Security Advisor, WMD Center

Mary Lasky, Program Manager, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

Jonathan Lifland, Senior Operations Planner, ORISE

Carmen MacDougall, VP, Communications, NTI

Bert Maidment, Associate Director for Product Development, NIAID/NIH/HHS

Ben Mallory, Senior Associate Analyst, Homeland Security Institute

Bob Maloney, Director, Baltimore City Office of Emergency Management

Sarah Maloney, Preparedness and Emergency Response Divisional Mng, HSI

Martin Matishak, Reporter, Global Security Newswire

Derek Matthews, Branch Chief, DHS

Janis McCarroll, CBRN Science Advisor, DHS/FEMA

Jonathan Medalia, Specialist in Nuclear Weapons Policy, Congressional Research Service

Jeanne Meserve, GWU

Carolina Morgan, Sr. Policy Analyst, GAO

Ryan Morhard, Legal Analyst, Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

James Moss, Emergency Coordinator, VHD - Chesterfield Health District

Ann Norwood, Senior Associate, Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

Philip Palin, Project Manager, RCPGP Project 4

Russ Paulsen, Executive Director, Hurricane Recovery Program, American Red Cross

Kunal Rambhia, Senior Analyst, Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

Debra Robinson, Project Director Medical Reserve Corps, NACCHO

Bob Ross, Chief, Risk Sciences Br., Department of Homeland Security

Monica Schoch-Spana, Senior Associate, Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

Tara Kirk Sell, Analyst, Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

David Sheehan, Ops Planner, FEMA

Ben Sheppard, Research Associate, START, University of Maryland

Tim Siemsen, Senior Program Analyst, National Association of County and City Health Officials

Corinne Sorden

Ashely Stover, Staff, U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee

Julie Sullivan, AAAS fellow at HHS/ASPR/OPEO

Kate Summers

Junji Tachino, Correspondent, Asahi Shimbun

Benn Tannenbaum, Government Relations Manager, Sandia National Laboratories

Tammy Taylor, Leader, Nonproliferation Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Eric Toner, Senior Associate, Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

Brian Tse, AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow, Biomedical Advanced Research & Development Authority

William Updegraff, Intern, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Mark Wagner

Cameron Ward, Intern, Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

Matthew Watson, Senior Analyst, Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

Sam Wollner, Analyst, Center for Biosecurity of UPMC