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Rad Resilient City

A Local Planning Tool to Save Lives Following a Nuclear Detonation

Welcome to the Rad Resilient City website, a resource that can help cities and their neighbors protect people from the dangerous radioactive fallout that would follow a nuclear detonation through advanced planning and education.

What Difference Can Advanced Planning Make?

Studies by the US and other governments and independent experts indicate that the threat of nuclear terrorism is real. A crude nuclear bomb detonated in a thriving city could kill tens of thousands of people, displace millions, and cause enormous economic and social damage.

 A nuclear bomb will cause immediate death and destruction in the ground zero area, but beyond that, casualties may be prevented. If people are protected from exposure to fallout, they may be saved from illness and injury. That protection requires advance planning and education to teach people what actions to take to protect themselves and their families from radioactive fallout. 

 How Can People be Protected From Fallout?

A federal model of a 10-kiloton ground burst in Los Angeles indicates that if everyone at risk of exposure to dangerous fallout quickly took shelter in a shallow basement or equally protective place, approximately 280,000 lives could be saved. Casualties caused by exposure to radioactive dust and debris—or “fallout”—can be minimized if people know in advance to seek adequate shelter immediately and await further information before evacuating.

 If people know to avoid fleeing the area and quickly find shelter the right place, they will be able to protect themselves and their families in the crucial hours immediately following a nuclear detonation.

 Resilient City Fallout Preparedness Checklist

Our Fallout Preparedness Checklist offers clear, actionable steps for communities to take to protect residents from exposure to dangerous radioactive particles. It’s designed for mayors, county executives, city administrators, emergency managers, public health and safety officers, business executives, heads of volunteer and community-based groups, and other local opinion leaders, and it offers a vision and concrete plan for fallout preparedness that ranks actions in order of priority.

 We hope you will explore the site and the Rad Resilient City Checklist, consider your local circumstances, and tailor these resources as needed.


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